Many crypto-tools at one place

Welcome to DEX Doctors. Please take a minute to see what services we offer. By using our Quick Swap tool you can exchange your tokens within seconds, at the best rates with full confidentiality. Currently the following networks are supported: BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Our Affiliate Program offers you some passive income. You can create your own exchange toolbox in one minute: just paste the code into your website and start earning your 0.2% commission on exchanges. No registration with full confidentiality. Your earnings will be paid instantly.

The Exchange Aggregator is a cryptocurrency search engine. We shop for the best possible rates for you at various custody-free crypto exchanges. It supports cross-chain swaps with 1300 assets including all the major cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to accept donations through your website? In less than a minute you can create your own donation toolbox and start accepting cryptocurrency donations. No registration, no KYC, no setup fee, no maintenance cost, 100% confidential. All the major BSC and Polygon tokens are accepted; your raised funds are transferred to your wallet instantly. To read more please click here.

Have your own cryptocurrency for $195! Have you ever dreamed of having your own cryptocurrency? Most of us would answer "no", because hiring a blockchain developer is very expensive. Now Dex Doctors can create your private cryptocurrency for a nominal fee, as little as $195! Having your own crypto is a great way of fundraising, marketing your business or you can build a valuable crypto asset over time. To read more please click here.