FAQ - Exchange Aggregator

On the exchange page in the trading window click the currency name list. You can either pick from the list or search for a crypto by its name or ticker. For example enter "BTC" or "bitcoin". You can also type just a portion of the name eg. "coin". With the double arrow icon you can reverse the Send and Receive currencies.

Enter the amount of the currency to be exchanged. For example 12.6567. Some countries eg. in Europe use decimal comma instead of decimal point. Make sure you type decimal points, even if your country uses decimal comma.

In the trading window you can select either fixed of floating rate by clicking the lock icon. The yellow colored opened lock symbol means floating rate, and the blue colored closed lock icon is for fixed rate.

Due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency, speed is crucial. Therefore, the final exchange rate can differ both in the positive or negative direction.

Our exchange partners support over 1300 crypto assets. However, it may happen that if you are looking for swapping a rare coin, there are no offers to trade against the currency you have chosen. In this case we recommend trading the asset for BNB.

If the selected currencies cannot be swapped, on the bottom part a "This pair is not available" message will be displayed.

We do not impose any lower or upper limits on crypto exchange. The only limitation on the amount of exchanged currencies is determined by the current offers of cryptocurrency exchanges. If you enter an amount out of the acceptable range, a message shows "Please try a different amount".

Blockchain operations are irreversible. If the funds are sent, the transaction cannot be canceled by anyone. Therefore, carefully check all the payment details before sending funds.

We offer custody-free services. According to our strict privacy policy, we do not store any customer information. The only way we can assist you is providing your transaction number. If you closed your browser session, there is a way however to find your transaction number. Unless you deleted it on purpose, the confirmation message should be in your browser's history. After completed transactions, for privacy reasons you may want to delete the browsing history. These pages in the browser's history look like this:

The crypto exchange process takes several steps. During each step, certain expenses occur. Here are a few examples of possible fees:

- network fee for the deposit transaction from a customer's wallet

- network fee for transferring coins to our liquidity provider

- trading fees that our liquidity providers charge

- network fee for sending the exchanged funds to the customer

The fees vary depending on the currency and the exchange amount. DEX Doctors is committed to find the fastest and most user-profitable way to execute an exchange.

Executing trades typically takes from 5 to 30 minutes. Depending on the traffic over the blockchain, waiting time depends on other transactions waiting to be completed in the blockchain. Please note, the processing time counts from the point, when your deposit is confirmed in the blockchain. If your exchange is not completed, as the first step, please check your wallet, if the deposit you made was confirmed.

Yes. Neither DEX Doctors nor our partners hold funds in deposit. You need to have your own wallet in order to trade crypto. There are several advantages of using your own wallet. You will have a full control over your funds, and there are no withdrawal fees or minimum withdrawal amounts.