Exchange Aggregator

DEX Doctors hosts two separate cryptocurrency exchanges: the Quick Swap tool and the Exchange Aggregator engine. You can select these services in the first and the second menu point on the top of the page. The main differences between these great tools are explained below.

The Quick Swap tool provides an instant service to exchange your tokens within BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism or Ethereum networks at the best rates, fast and anonymously. No registration, no KYC. You deal with the liquidity pool's smart contract directly, no middleman, no human interaction. We guarantee 100% censorship proof transactions in BSC, Polygon and Ethereum networks. With the Quick Swap tool you can trade in any of these networks, but cannot transfer funds from one network into an other network. You need a Metamask extension in your browser in order to use this service. After approving a transaction, you will receive your funds in your wallet within a few seconds.

The second tool, the Exchange Aggregator acts like a search engine. We shop for the best possible rates for you at various custody-free crypto exchanges. This tool supports cross-chain transactions as well; in addition to currency exchange, it can also be used as a bridge between blockchains. Transactions typically take 5-15 minutes to complete. No Metamask required, in the first step you need to send the funds to the generated address, and you will receive the exchanged amount at the address you specified.

Protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities. You can perform your exchanges fast, without going through the procedure of registration. WE do NOT collect any kind of information on our customers including their IP address, geolocation or email address. Our site does not use cookies.


With more than 170 digital assets available, ChangeNOW is an instant fully automated crypto exchange service that has no limits on exchanges, requires no registration and provides some of the best rates on the market, working with some of the most prominent exchange platforms.


With full transparency as their main priority, FixedFloat is an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange provider that supports dozens of coins and tokens and requires no registration for performing exchanges.


Supporting a myriad of currencies, EasyBit is an instant cryptocurrency exchange provider. Thanks to its custom algorithms for real-time search and volatility protection modes, it offers some of the most competitive exchange rates on market and ensures immunity to volatile nature of crypto.


Operating since 2018, SimpleSwap is an account-free cryptocurrency exchange platform that has a wide range of over 600 crypto assets listed. With no mass system failures, the company provides reliable service, has 24/7 customer support and two types of exchange rates: floating and fixed ones.


LetsExchange is an instant exchange service which supports the biggest number of coins and tokens in the market and has no mandatory account registration. The team is constantly adding new assets to ensure the availability of even the rarest. Users can exchange as many assets and as many times as they need. The upper limits are practically absent. Moreover, the platform chooses the best rates among multiple liquidity providers to ensure the profitability of every swap and provides beneficial rates for swapping significant sums.


With a plethora of digital assets listed, no maximym limits on exchange and speedy transaction processing, Exolix offers an instant cryptocurrency exchange service providing fixed rates and ensuring users are shielded against market vatiations.


SideShift AI is an automated cryptocurrency exchange that supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies. The project has the native token, XAI, that evolved from v1 of the SideShift token, SAI. SideShift is amongst the first companies to launch Liquid payments and it is the first exchange to add PayJoin support.


Ensuring fast transaction processing and high exchange limits, InstaSwap serves as an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange service, offering some of the most competitive market rates and some of the lowest fees per transaction.


Launched in 2015, Changelly serves as an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange provider, supporting over 160 coins and tokens, ensuring high speed transaction that only take minutes and setting high exchange limits.


SWFT is an instant cross-chain cryptocurrency exchange service, supporting over 200 coins and assets and partnering with over 40 trading platforms to provide some of the lowes fees and ensure lightning-fast transactions.


ChangeHero is an instant non-custodial exchange that requires no registration, performs your transactions at a fast pace, and provides an easy way to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It supports over 80 cryptocurrencies and provides 24/7 support.


With over 350 tokens and coins, StealthEX is an instant and limitless cryptocurrency exchange platform that strives to provide maximum privacy and security to its users. The service claims to have no extra or hidden fees and is free from registration.


With no account registration needed and no KYC, Swapuz is a fast, limitless anonymous crypto exchange created by a team that wants to solve the problems of potential customers. The project supports over 300 coins, has no limits on exchanges.


Alfacash is an 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It has seen and survived wild things happening inside the crypto-world: Bitcoin initial dubious reputation, first companies adopting it, the boom of altcoins, the boom and bust of non-regulated cryptocurrency exchanges, the boom and bust of ICOs, and they are still here, in this DeFi age Alfacash is about to face 200 million cryptocurrency users by the end of 2030.


With a mission to make cryptocurrency accessible for everyone and ensure complete transparency, provides an instant crypto exchange service and goes even further, designing their front end client as the completely open source one and allowing users to check order lists and the company’s coin reserves through the API.

Developed by the first multicurrency web wallet HolyTransaction, offers an instant cryptocurrency exchange service, supporting over 30 cryptocurrencies and ensuring maximum transaction security.


With no account registration needed and no pre-emptive KYC, Switchain is an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that ensures fast transaction processing, requiring zero confirmation trades on BTC pairs and just one confirmation on ETH and ERC20 pairs

Launched in 2018, is an instant cryptocurrency exchange provider that cherry-picks some of the best rates and ensures some of the lowest exchange service fees inlcluded in the final conversion rate, all thanks to its smart order algorithm.