FAQ - Donations

No registration is required. Just create a donation toolbox in less than one minute, paste the code in your website and you are ready to accept donations in all major BSC and Polygon tokens. You can see a few sample toolboxes by clicking here. If you don't want to embed the whole toolbox into your website, you can include the link only. You will also receive the toolbox URL that can be sent in email or shared on social media.

Dex Doctors will retain a 10% fee from all donations you receive. If you decide to work with a reseller, they will charge an additional 10%. The rest of the funds is transferred to your wallet instantly.

Resellers need to embed the donation toolbox in their website or share the link with others in email or on social media. If you know your reseller's wallet address, you can create the toolbox for them. Alternatively, you send them a link to the code generator, they will enter their wallet address and generate the code that they paste in their website.

Your supporters can choose whether give some tipping when they donate funds to you. For the amount of their tipping they receive some ICO tokens, that may become valuable assets in the future. The collected tipping is set aside to build a future liquidity pool for that particular token and cover network development expenses.

You can resize the toolbox by editing the generated embed code in a text editor.
These three lines of code determine the width of your toolbox in mobile portrait, landscape and desktop view respectively:
#icobox {width:100%;}

The height of the toolbox is set by this code:
This one occurs twice. The first is for all mobile devices, the second for desktop computers.
It is a good idea testing your code on all three types of devices, if you resize your toolbox.