Own crypto for $195

Have you ever dreamed of having your own cryptocurrency? Most of us would answer "no", because hiring a blockchain developer is very expensive. Now Dex Doctors can create your private cryptocurrency for a nominal fee, as little as $195!

Why would you need to have your own cryptocurrency? There are several reasons. First, selling your tokens is a great new way for fundraising. There are no limitations, you can sell any amount of tokens anywhere to anybody. Regardless if you are a business, an artist, a sport team or anybody else, potential donors will love this innovative way you gain supporters.

The second use of your own crypto brand is giving the tokens away to your loyal customers. Instead of handing out regular coupons, why don't you give them some "cash back" in a currency that cost you virtually nothing?

Check out how much Bitcoin is selling for by clicking this link. Back in 2010, two pizzas would cost 10,000 mined Bitcoins! Many of us heard this story. If you have similar ambitions, here comes the third use: trading your crypto on Decentralized Exchanges. We can help you turn your token into a traded currency. Please note, if you have such plans, you need to save a significant portion of your income from the token sale, and later build a liquidity pool at the exchange.

What you will get

For $195 we will create a BEP20 token at the Binance Smart Chain, and the basic administration fee is covered for the first year. On our website you will be able to create your own token salesbox, like those ones on the bottom of this page. Creating a salesbox takes less than a minute: you need to enter the token address, select a language and a design. The code will be activated immediately, you just paste it in the html code of your website and you are ready to go!

There is an even easier alternative: you will be given a sales link as well, so you don't need to copy and paste the tool box code into your website.

Additional info: in order your request be processed, you will need to pay $195 + $5 gas fee in USDT or USDC BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) token. If you have other cryptocurrencies, you can covert them on our Main Exchange Page. The smart contract of your new token will be deployed within 1-3 business days from the receipt of the payment. The $195 + $5 gas fee includes the cost of creating your token, the first year's basic administration fee and the token salesbox only. Additional services you request are payable separately. Please read the FAQ page and the Terms and Conditions carefully.